A ruthless killer trained by the private military company Golma. Under the employ of Golma Ira spent thirty years killing, maiming and destroying the enemies of the company along with his partner. Being an outcast most of his life, has made him despise humanity and he harbors an intense distrust for all strangers and even some people he personally knows. He lacks empathy and resorts to compassion rarely. He is one of the main protagonists of the Operation Warpath series until Operation Warpath 4, where he and other main protagonist Darren Criss become supporting characters.

Early Life Edit

Born and raised on the island nation of Rutagol, Ira and his sister were sheltered and kept away from most other children by their overprotective mother. Their father managed to convince her that the children needed social interaction with other kids and they began attending school publicly. Ira already well conditioned by his mother resented the experience and spent much of his time leaving school and going out on his own to explore the island.

Ira's constant exploration around the island led to trouble with a small tribe of jungle dwellers who claimed to be the ancient ancestors of Rutagol's people given eternal life by Saya. Grant, Ira's father was in the running to become king of Rutagol at the time and Ira feeling neglected at home, ran away to live with the ancient ones. There he was trained to become a savage warrior and led the ancient ones back to his home kingdom where a great battle ensued. In the end Grant became king of Rutagol and a disgraced Ira, sailed away to Duramo.

Golma CareerEdit

At seventeen Ira found himself a willing participant in an experiment conducted by Golma to use a serum on recruits to dramatically enhance strength and intelligence. Many of the recruits including Ira, also showed the effects of the drug's mutation. The thirty years following Ira's recruitment consisted of one successful mission after another. Ira's intense disposition and incredible strength made him a feared mercenary who roamed the globe with his partner. The tail end of his career begins shortly after accepting a mission to claim land in Golma's name out in the Nassau mountain range, what follows are the events of the first Operation Warpath book; Blood In The Snow. 

Otherverse Story AppearencesEdit

  • Operation Warpath: Blood In The Snow
  • Operation Warpath 2: The Piercing Fang
  • Operation Warpath 3: Crimson Skies
  • Operation Warpath 4: Eye Of The Beast
  • Crossover Story (No Title Currently)

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