The very first planet created by Saya. This world is considered by many to be a copy of earth, although despite being extremely similar in atmosphere, Earth-Vo has its own countries, landmarks and environments. Earth-Vo is one of seven world's

created by Saya in the image of earth. Saya visited earth some centuries ago disguised as a human and grew incredibly fond of man and their ways. Realizing he could create life and his own world to sustain it in he tore through the fabric of reality and stepped into an alternate space where he created all seven of his other earths. The other earths are the most prominent features of The "Otherverse" but are not the only planets that exist within it.

Earth-Vo in particular served as a home for the very first humans brought about by Saya. The planet has a reputation for producing and harboring some of the greatest and most iconic figures in Otherverse history. In many Interspace records it is said that Earth-Vo is highly favored by Saya simply because it was his first true grand creation. Earth-Vo is the stage for many of the "Otherverse" tales such as the Operation Warpath series, Operation Survival: Winter's Crossing, and The Atlas Birthing.

Landmarks Edit

  • Nassau Mountain Range including Mount Nassau in Duramo, the closest thing to America on Earth-Vo.
  • Viona, a coastal city with incredibly advanced technology, it is famous for its beauty and strong economy.
  • Duramo, A country much like America on Earth. It has a multitude of large industrial cities, and is rampant with corrupt politicians.

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