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A large and freakishly powerful enforcer type. Dallas spent thirty years working for the private military company Golma alongside his partner and best friend Ira William Stevens. The two have become infamous among the other mercenaries not just in their country but the world for their high success rate and ruthless methods.

Dallas is the wiser and more collected half of the duo. Menacing in appearance though he is inwardly as well, he still has a soft side he has managed to retain despite the savage aggression he is capable of. He is mostly silent unless around Ira, who seems to draw out a more sociable side of Dallas.

Early Life Edit

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas to Harvey and Diana Criss, Dallas was an introvert and was regularly bullied at school for being skinny and academically advanced. At the age of 10 Dallas moved to Earth-Vo for a job Harvey had been offered. Some months after moving there the Criss family was in a horrific car accident with Dallas as the sole survivor. He lived off the streets after running away from a foster home and an abusive foster mother. He eventually made his way to Golma where he met his partner and best friend and also gained a much greater physique due to an experimental drug given to all new recruits.

Golma Career Edit

At Sixteen Dallas volunteered himself to be part of an experiment being conducted by Golma to inject recruits with a super steroid known as Atlas Vice. His formerly thin body developed over a short period of time until he became a hulking mass of muscle. He spent the next thirty years working alongside Ira all over the world in countless successful missions for Golma.

Otherverse Story Appearances Edit

  • Operation Warpath:Blood In The Snow
  • Operation Warpath 2:The Piercing Fang
  • Operation Warpath 3: Crimson Skies
  • Operation Warpath 4: Eye Of The Beast
  • Crossover Story (No Title Currently)

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